Stucco Repair in Victoria

All Surfaces Painting is here to provide Victoria with a one-stop expert stucco repair service. If your stucco is flaking, cracking, bulging, or showing signs of any other damage, we are the team to call. When it comes to stucco, there is nobody better to choose in the local area than us. We have a lot of history in dealing with stucco and are experts in the material. If you see damage to the stucco cladding on your building, it could be worse than it appears. Cracks on exteriors could mean there is water getting in and damaging from the inside of your building. So don’t risk it. If you notice stucco damage, contact us without delay.

If you see cracks in your stucco, call All Surfaces Painting at (250) 727-6000 today, you can tell us about your problem, we’ll provide a quote and book an appointment. We look forward to restoring your stucco!

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Quality Stucco Repair Service

Here at All Surfaces Painting, we are stucco experts, so you do not have to be. Many of those who attempt home repairs on their stucco find it an incredibly tricky thing to get right. Stucco takes many years of hands-on experience to get right. Luckily when dealing with our team, you’ll see that experience first-hand. We maintain our vast knowledge of this tricky material by working with it all the time and staying up to date on all the best repair methods and techniques.

For any stucco problem, we are the team to call. We look forward to speaking with you.

Stucco Repair: Expert Knowledge, Expert Results

When you get in touch with us, we’ll send over one of our team members to evaluate the extent of the damage. Our expert knowledge through years of experience means we can take one look at your situation and get it on the road to recovery. If the damage is quite severe, we will take the right measures to begin a bigger repair to rectify the problem for good. We are dedicated to doing the job right the first time, so you can rest assured that no corners are cut and you’ll receive enduring results. The final result is an indiscernible repair from the surrounding wall.


We’ve been in the business of stucco repair for a long time, long enough that we’ve developed a perfect method for repairing stucco damage of any type and size. Our system has been tested over the years to ensure outstanding results every time we go to work—and if it isn’t broken, we don’t see any reason to fix it.

If you’re wondering what our professional process looks like, keep reading! We’re happy to help you understand what to expect when we turn up to work on repairing your stucco.


We begin every stucco repair with an inspection of your building, identifying the damage and the cause of the problem.

Loose Stucco Removal

We always break off pieces of loose stucco, so we have a smooth surface to work with. We take all damaged pieces from your wall so that any existing flaws won’t weaken our repair.

Clean Away Debris

Before we start resurfacing, we clean up any chunks, dust, or other debris left behind from the damaged sections. A clean surface is essential to a reliable repair.

Fill in the Gaps

Our strategy may change depending on the size of the crack and damaged areas, but we always resurface stucco to match the look of the rest of the wall. This may take several coats of stucco to get just right.


To ensure your stucco matches your wall, we add a coat of paint that blends in with the already-existing wall colour.


After the final coating of stucco is applied and painted over, we clean up any debris or mess we made in the process. We leave your property in pristine condition when our service is over.

By following these steps, we can effectively repair common types of stucco damage. However, some jobs may require a more specialized plan of attack. Give us a call to get a stucco specialist on your repair today!

All Surfaces Painting’s Stucco Repair: Masters of Our Medium

Stucco is unique to all other forms of siding. For centuries it has proven to be an extremely popular choice for its long-lasting and weather-resistant qualities. It is also popular because it can so easily be repaired if looked after properly. But to us, we see it as an art form. From ensuring solid repairs to recreating the texture to match the existing work, we’re truly masters of our craft.

If your stucco is damaged, call our handy team to see how we can help you.

Any building can look great with the addition of stucco. It’s an effective way to add a touch of class and distinction. It’s also practical––stucco is known for its protective properties. Stucco siding is a smart choice that will never go out of style, which is why many homeowners in Victoria choose it. But what do you do when your stucco needs repair? That’s what All Surfaces Painting is here for. We’re a team of highly trained professionals with the necessary expertise to solve any stucco problem. We’ll use our skills to assess the damage to your stucco and repair it at a reasonable rate.


As the stucco masters, we understand how important it is that you have all your stucco needs serviced by a single company. You don’t want multiple patch jobs that take ages to complete and cause a logistical headache. You want a go-to business to help with any stucco repair of all colours and types. With us, you’re getting a team of experts with versatile experience with all sorts of stucco. Whether you need a patch over a small part of your wall that has become damaged or a full resurfacing, we have the materials to make it happen.

Our stucco suppliers can get us all sorts of stucco material, so you don’t have to worry about whether we have the right surface to complete the job. We’ll always be able to repair or resurface with precisely the material your building had initially. Contact a team that can work with all types and colors of stucco, ensuring you have the exact repair job your building needs.


There’s nothing more frustrating with stucco repair than having a contractor repair or resurface with new stucco that doesn’t match the original surface. You don’t want it to be obvious that you’ve had a repair performed.

We always commit to providing seamless stucco repairs for projects of any size. With our handiwork, you’ll never be able to tell which parts of your wall surface were resurfaced and which are the original. When attracting clients to your business or welcoming guests to your home, you can have complete confidence in perfect stucco from All Surfaces Painting.

Our specialists are trained to handle all types of stucco, matching your colors, patterns, and textures. We want your building to look as good as new and are committed to offering solutions you’re happy with. Call our team today to get the perfect seamless repair to make your stucco issues undetectable.

Repairing Damaged Stucco

As soon as you notice a problem with your stucco, contact us. Cracks and chips may seem like small problems, but they could be signs of a bigger issue. They could be a sign of poorly applied stucco treatment, or moisture damage. If not treated properly, they could get seriously out of control––that’s the last thing you want. As professional contractors, we know exactly how to treat your stucco and prevent further damage from occurring.

Victoria’s Stucco Repair Experts

Here at All Surfaces Painting, we know stucco. We have years of experience in applying stucco and repairing and treating damaged stucco. Our experience gives us the skills and expertise to assess your stucco repair needs properly. Sometimes, only a minor stucco patch job is necessary; while other times, more serious work is required. Once we’ve identified the problem, we’ll give you a fair estimate on a repair job. Whatever the issue might be, we promise to give it our all. No job is too big or small for us. We have experience in:

  • stucco crack repair
  • stucco patch repair
  • interior and exterior stucco repair
  • …and more

Feel free to explore our website for a more comprehensive overview of our services or feel free to pick up the phone and inquire with one of our team members. We are sure to have the solutions to your needs.

Best Stucco Repair Contractors in Victoria

If you’re looking for the best stucco repair contractors in Victoria, you came to the right place. We’re a proudly local team of contractors, which means we understand the importance of integrity, honesty, and respect. We’ll always treat you fairly and offer reasonable rates for excellent work. We’ll never try to sell you on an unnecessary service. Our community values show in our work, and we stand behind every job we do. That’s why so many clients trust us with their property.


When you install fresh stucco, you may not be aware that it will require maintenance to last a long time. Cracks and problems with your stucco can develop for a variety of reasons – moisture, leaks, stress, and time – and it can be important to stay ahead of these to prevent any larger issues.

All Surfaces Painting can be your go-to stucco expert to look after your stucco before serious repairs to large sections are necessary. We can identify problems before they occur, seeing the issues that haven’t even become visible to the untrained eye. To keep the overall costs of larger repairs at bay, hire a professional stucco maintenance service. Your walls will thank you.


When you hire the best in the business like All Surfaces Painting, the best part is that you don’t just get expert service—you need it to get done quickly too. We know you prioritize your time and have a busy schedule. If you’ve started to notice cracks in your stucco walls, it’s important, both to you and us, that it gets patched up quickly and effectively.

Because we can usually complete our work so quickly, we are able to run with a flexible schedule. Let us know what time works best for you, and we will do our best to accommodate that as best as we can.

If you want a company that won’t make you wait for service or take too long on the job, give us a call. We’ll be there to fix your stucco when you need us.


Depending on the repair company you go to, you may find many different rates for stucco repair. We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to shop around anymore – you’ve found your affordable option.

At All Surfaces Painting, we pride ourselves on keeping our repair rates affordable while never sacrificing on reliability, durability, and quality stucco. No matter the size of your repair job – small cracks, entire patches, or touch-ups on full surfaces – we offer you great repair rates to get the job done under your budget. Our repair materials come in at great rates, and we never overcharge for labor or transportation. We want to keep your costs as low as possible.

We also like to keep things upfront with you. We don’t want there to be any surprise costs that filter into the final bill, which is why we will always let you know an estimate for the job before we start working. It’s important that you understand the cost of your stucco repair, and we always want to put you at ease.

Don’t believe us? If you want to make sure we have rates that truly can’t be beaten and are looking for a quote for your job now, give us a call at (250) 727-6000. An expert will be on the line to discuss your particular job and the process and cost it will take to fix it.

Quality and Value

As professional contractors, we know all there is to know about stucco. Our experience has given us the necessary skills to identify and assess all your stucco problems. If your stucco needs to be fixed, don’t hesitate. Contact us as soon as you can. We’ll have a look, assess the damage, and give you a fair quote on a repair job. Stucco repair costs can vary based on the extent of the damage, but we’ll always offer a fair and reasonable rate. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. We’ll always answer honestly.

When your stucco needs repair, don’t despair. Contact All Surfaces Painting today. We’ll bring your stucco back up to standard!