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Painting your space has never been easier in Victoria when you allow All Surfaces Painting to help you realize your painting vision. Whether you need interior, exterior, or commercial painting, we are the team to call for the best results and most competitive prices available.

We commit ourselves to a high standard of quality for every client that comes knocking on our door. We will give you excellent customer service and an even better paint job as a token of appreciation.

If you would like to speak with a team of expert painters, please call (250) 727-6000 any time. We look forward to booking an appointment and communicating with you.

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Experienced Painting Contractor

When choosing your painting contractor, you can't go wrong with a team like All Surfaces Painting. We have years of experience and deep knowledge that we will apply to your painting needs from those years. Our list of satisfied clients keeps growing because we take every job just as seriously as the last.

Every new paint job and every new idea is an opportunity for us to impress you. We want to knock your idea out of the park, and we will do everything in our power to do so. All you must do is call our number, and we will set up a no-obligation painting consultation with you.

Book Your Painting Consultation Today

The purpose of the painting consultation is to get on the same page as you with your idea. Just call, and we will find an ideal time and method to meet you and discuss the project.

The conversation will consist of the budget, the paint colours, the timeline, and the painting schedule. We want to have a good idea of the current situation on your walls, so we know what to prepare for. We are more than capable of removing wallpaper and making drywall repairs before we apply some fresh new paint, too.

A Painting Contractor Dedicated to The Customer Experience

Your satisfaction as our client is important to us. When you hire our team for your painting services, we promise to send you a dedicated painting contractor to your door with a smile on their face.

Since we take no half-measures in our work – we will get started right away, ensuring we do the most each session to stay on schedule.

We have the knowledge and experience to answer any questions you may have confidently, so be sure to ask if you have any concerns along the way.

Need Help Choosing Paint Colours? All Surfaces Painting Can Help

Part of providing a great customer experience is helping you choose paint colours that add timeless style to your space. With as many successful paint jobs behind us as we have, we've developed a keen eye for style and can help you choose colours that will make your environment more pleasing to exist within.

Contact our team today if that sounds like the kind of painting service that you are looking for.

Beautiful Paint Jobs from Victoria's Best Painting Contractor

Nothing looks better than a fresh coat of paint. It’s the most efficient way to make your property look great. At All Surfaces Painting, paint isn’t just our business, it’s our obsession. We know the ups and downs of painting better than anyone else. That’s because we only hire the best professional painters in Victoria. We’re a highly skilled team of local painters with talent, dedication, and know-how. We’ll transform your home or business in a clean and efficient manner. But painting isn’t all we do––we offer a variety of services. Read on to find out more.

Our Interior Painting Services

Walls do more than hold up your ceiling––they also set the mood for the entire room.

The right shade of paint can make a huge difference. Luckily for you, we’re the paint experts. Our interior painting work will have your walls looking their best. Our team of interior painters is trained in many painting styles, including:

  • faux finishing services
  • wall painting
  • kitchen cabinet painting
  • …and so much more!

We’ll transform your walls to something you’ve always dreamed of. When you see the difference, you won’t believe your eyes.

Our Exterior Painting Services

Your property needs to be beautiful inside and out, and our exterior painting will make it look its best. But you also need something that can withstand the elements; we’ll give you that too.

Whether it’s for your home or your business, having a beautiful exterior goes a long way in making a solid impression. This is true for attracting clients and customers and attracting buyers if you’re looking to sell your home. The exterior often gets neglected; don’t make this mistake.

Our staff members will work with you to find an exterior paint that’s both beautiful and long-lasting. After we’re done, you’re exterior will look great and stand up to snow, wind, and rain.

Our Commercial Painting Services

If you’re a commercial property owner or manager, we know you have high-standards, and so do we. Our team has extensive training in all areas of commercial painting, from sandblasting to commercial spray-painting. We know our way around:

  • warehouses
  • commercial facilities
  • factories
  • distribution centers
  • industrial plants
  • …and more

No matter what your commercial painting needs are, our contractors will meet them.


The greatest benefit of working with an experienced professional painting company is professional-grade quality for your paint, tools, and other materials. We have access to all the best brands of paint in the business through our connections with established suppliers, and we always know the best context to use different kinds of paint.

Furthermore, when you hire us, you’re hiring a company that takes the upkeep of its painting tool arsenal extremely seriously. To get you the best possible paint job you could have, we use only the best brushes and rollers, sanders and scrapers, lifts and ladders, and everything else. This ensures your surfaces, whether inside or outside, will be painted with equipment that is perfect for the job.

To benefit from a company that invests in its products and tools, book a consultation today. All you have to do is call (250) 727-6000!


A professional paint job involves much more than simply applying a couple of coats of paint. You need to follow several steps to make sure that the job is done right and will last for a long time. A good paint job takes careful preparation, thorough painting, and complete finishing to last as long as you’re hoping. Here are all the services we offer to help make your paint job perfect:

  • Colour advice and selection
  • Wall washing, sanding, and surfacing
  • Priming
  • Taping
  • Painting
  • Trim painting
  • More

We are here to ensure that every aspect of the new paint job is completed to perfection – nothing less. If you’re looking for quality paint jobs, we’re the team for you.

To get a company that can handle the job from planning through to the end result, All Surfaces Painting is the best choice for you. Contact us at (250) 727-6000 to get started with a painting consultation.


Working with a professional painter offers many benefits to your walls in the interior and on the exterior, but you can also feel some benefits in your wallet. The truth is, it can be cost-effective to hire a professional painter, as much as this might seem the opposite. When you’re looking to invest in your home, having it look as good as possible will actually increase the value of your home. Furthermore, if you’re trying to save money, getting a paint job that lasts a long time can only be accomplished by a professional painter.

But even still, we know you want to understand the costs of a service beforehand. That’s why we pledge to offer you cost certainty with a no-obligation estimate before we even start the job. We can also work with your budget, crafting a range of services with various paints that would suit your bottom line.

With All Surfaces Painting, don’t worry about the price. We’re here to give you a painting service you can afford. Just call us to book a consultation!

Professional Quality Work

Everyone knows there’s nothing like professional work. When it comes to your property, you want the best, and amateur services just won’t cut it. You can’t hire just any painting company. You need the professionals of All Surfaces Painting. We’re fully trained in a variety of services, and we have the experience needed to get the job done right. As local workers, we understand the meaning of community and integrity. We hire only the best contractors, and we use only the best tools and materials. Everything from our ladders to our commercial spray-painter is top-quality. It’s simply a matter of respect to us––we treat every home and business as if it were our own. That’s why home and business owners across Victoria trust us with their property.

Now that we’ve told you about us, we’d like to hear from you. If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to talk to clients.

For the painting services you need, hire All Surfaces Painting. You’ll be glad you did.